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A “theme” runs through the Websites and pages with this system world: Ikea Hacks.


That is nothing more than taking apart and reassembling Ikea furniture or accessories. That creates good and specific furniture options that encourage with a fresh purpose, making use of their new search, their wit and ingenuity. And because there are so many innovative thoughts behind the photographs in the Community, I continued an Ikea Crack tour through SoLebIch.

Ikea furniture remodeling a few ideas
From big tasks to little, great a few ideas, everything is included. Member cathinca, for example, built a sliding home cell into the Ikea shelving process named Besta. Therefore often a possible frustration disappears very decoratively. As stated, the sliding door provides as a blackboard. Ideal for the youngsters’ room! The favorite Chalkboard look is also philuko subject: she has a wooden chair with chalkboard foil. If you remain seated, you can at the least paint. By the way: an Option are give and pen. Sketches, Words, Figures. Nevertheless, the chair becomes a person piece of furniture. An Ikea Hack, in their simplest Type! Tremendous, is it?

Ikea furniture upgrading: what else is possible?
A straightforward colour trick member Lite björn directed at your Ikea Hack. She has given her Ikea espresso table colorful neon feet. My Favorite! Also at the front end is the Ikea Crack by Luise: a cheap trash can became a magazine holder. Two nails in the wall, previously holding the thing. Likewise, the concept works in case of miraculusa. It has abused two drain baskets and created a group box from them. Similar production object, but different use for _frida_. Their sink baskets became plant boxes. Using napkin technology, they also received a brand new dress. Generally speaking, home products idela can be used for an Ikea Hack. As a home apron may also improve to the cushion (see member _frida_).

Ikea furniture remodeling: bulbs, textiles and paper
I also discovered two lamp jobs in the Community. Katharinak has whimsically altered the flower pots in to two hanging lights. To achieve this, pre-drill a beginning for the socket through the floor, then cut the holes with sheet material scissors, hang wires in, done. In the case of the MidMODster, six specific lights became a large lamp sculpture and ninja2 has spiced up her rice report device with napkin technology.

Shelves will also be a classic case for an Ikea Hack. Chilita beautifies your Expedit with paper, _frida_ wrapped your Boot sheet with a heavy wool felt, and the chest of compartments Malm is the important thing Board. Member tinka. go one other way: with her, a wall ledge consists of pots.