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A “theme” goes through the Websites and pages with this system earth: Ikea Hacks.


That is nothing more than getting apart and reassembling Ikea furniture or accessories. This creates good and specific furniture alternatives that stimulate with a fresh function, making use of their new look, their humor and ingenuity. And since there are so several innovative heads behind the photographs within the Community, I proceeded an Ikea Hack visit through SoLebIch.

Ikea furniture remodeling some ideas
From large jobs to little, fine ideas, everything is included. Member cathinca, for instance, created a slipping door section into the Ikea rack system called Besta. So sometimes a possible confusion vanishes very decoratively. As previously mentioned, the moving home serves as a blackboard. Ideal for the youngsters’ space! The most popular Chalkboard look can be philuko subject: she features a wooden stool with chalkboard foil. If you remain placed, you are able to at the very least paint. In addition: an Alternative are hand and pen. Sketches, Letters, Figures. However, the stool becomes an individual piece of furniture. An Ikea Compromise, in their easiest Sort! Tremendous, is it?

Ikea furniture remodeling: what otherwise is achievable?
An easy colour secret member Lite björn aimed at your Ikea Hack. She’s given her Ikea espresso dining table vibrant neon feet. My Beloved! Also at the front end could be the Ikea Hack by Luise: a cheap waste can became a newspaper holder. Two fingernails in the wall, presently keeping the thing. Equally, the theory performs in the case of miraculusa. It’s misused two sink holders and developed a group field from them. Related output item, but various use for _frida_. Their drain baskets turned plant boxes. Using napkin engineering, they also obtained a new dress. In general, kitchen tools idela may be used for an Ikea Hack. As a kitchen attire may also improve to the cushion (see member _frida_).

Ikea furniture upgrading: lamps, textiles and paper
I also discovered two lamp projects in the Community. Katharinak has whimsically transformed the flower containers into two hanging lights. To do this, pre-drill an opening for the plug through a floor, then slice the openings with page material scissors, hang cords in, done. In the case of the MidMODster, six personal lamps turned a sizable light sculpture and ninja2 has spiced up her grain report balloon with napkin technology.

Racks are also a vintage case for an Ikea Hack. Chilita beautifies your Expedit with report, _frida_ encased your Boot sheet with a thick wool felt, and the chest of compartments Malm is the important thing Board. Member tinka. move another way: with her, a wall corner is constructed of pots.